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The Fine Print of the 45th Annual Meeting and Judicial Candidates' Forum Trivia Contest

  • Each week we will have a new trivia question, leading up to the final drawing at the 45th Annual Meeting.
  • You must participate in every week and be registered for the 45th Annual Meeting to be eligible for the Grande Prize.
  • The weekly question will be posted in the Tuesday Weekly Update on the weeks it is published. On the two Tuesdays that the Weekly Update is not published before the 45th Annual Meeting (due to the publication of The Resource--April 26 and May 24), a special email with the question will be sent out.
  • You will have until the Monday following the release of the question to submit your answer to the Poll Question below. 
  • Prizes will be awarded as soon as Jennifer is able to mail them. Please be patient! The people at the Post Office are kind of mean and Jennifer is a little afraid of them. 
  • Winners will be announced in the Weekly Update and listed here, along with the answer. 
  • Questions will start off easy and become harder as we get closer to the 45th Annual Meeting and Judicial Candidates' Forum. 


Q1 April 5, 2022--In what year was the Port Authority of Wilmington founded?

Q2 April 12, 2022-- Which major US highway begins ( or ends, depending on how you look at it) in      Wilmington?

Q3 April 19, 2022--What is the original purpose of the large stones used to make cobblestone streets in Wilmington, NC?

Q4 April 26, 2022--Which of these movies/TV shows was NOT filmed in Wilmington?

Q5 May 3, 2022--Which of these was once the name of what is now the city called Wilmington, NC?

Q6 May 10, 2022--What is the name of the UNC-Wilmington mascot?

Q7  May 17, 2022--Which US President was once a resident of Wilmington? 

Q8 May 31, 2022--In the 1962 version of Cape Fear, who was the original film director?


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