Verdict Directed for Defense in Food Poisoning Case

28 Feb 2019 11:31 AM | Deleted user

On April 26, 2018, Judge Carl Fox of the Wake County Superior Court directed a verdict in favor of defendant, St. Clair Foods regarding a case of possible food poisoning. Matthew Little and Lindsey Revels of Teague Campbell represented the defendant who stood accused of selling contaminated potato salad that sickened the plaintiff, Claude Burgess.

Burgess stated he ate the potato salad at the K&W restaurant and that it immediately burned his throat. He continued to eat the potato salad and became violently ill shortly thereafter. K&W and Institution Food House, a food distribution company, had already settled for an undisclosed amount; however, St. Clair Foods chose to take the case to trial. Little detailed the measures to which St. Clair Foods goes to sanitize their facility daily, and stated "St. Clair Foods makes roughly 36 million pounds of potato salad each year...the tub this came from was from a batch of about 5000 portions. If there had been a problem at the plant, hundreds or thousands would have been sick. But only he made a claim." 

The case against St. Clair Foods ended when it was determined there was not enough evidence to hold it responsible

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