Diversity Committee

Our Diversity Committee works to further the NCADA’s stated commitment to diversity in its membership.  This committee will identify initiatives and endeavors the organization can take in order to promote diversity within the membership, leadership opportunities and also raise awareness to clients and others in the profession and public.

The NCADA is honored to to be a multi-year national level recipient of the DRI SLDO Diversity Award.  This Award recognizes state and local defense organizations for excellence through achievements and commitment to diversity inside and outside the organization.  NCADA received this recognition twice, in 2005 and 2012.  In 2019, NCADA was recognized by DRI with its Janata Award for our thought-provoking diversity programming.

NCADA Diversity Statement

The North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys (NCADA) is the North Carolina membership organization of lawyers involved in the defense of civil litigation.  As such, NCADA expresses its strong commitment to the goal of diversity in its membership.  Our member attorneys conduct business throughout North Carolina, the United States, and around the world, and NCADA values highly the perspectives and varied experiences which are found only in a diverse membership.  The promotion and retention of a diverse membership is essential to the success of our organization as a whole, as well as our respective professional pursuits.  Diversity brings to our organization a broader and richer environment that produces creative thinking and solutions.  As such, NCADA embraces and encourages diversity in all aspects of its activities.  NCADA is committed to creating and maintaining a culture that supports and promotes diversity in its organization.


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