Member Spotlight: Ervin L. Ball, Jr.

15 May 2023 4:00 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

Meet:  Ervin L. Ball, Jr.

Erv is a principal in the Asheville law firm of Ball Barden Cury, P.A. where he has focused his practice in insurance defense for over 50 years.  Erv received his J.D. from the University of Tennessee College of Law and has been a member of NCADA since 1994.  Learn what Erv would do if he was not a lawyer!

What drew you to the practice of law and to a litigation and trial practice?  Obtained job in an insurance defense firm as first employment from law school.

How has membership in NCADA benefited your professional life?  Great CLE's, seeing colleagues from around the state that I don't have a chance to work or visit with on a regular basis.

What would you do if you were not a lawyer? Elvis impersonator or cage fighter.

What is the biggest career challenge you've had to overcome?  Balancing time required for trial practice with family life.

What is your favorite legal movie or TV show and why?  "My Cousin Vinny" - very humorous and needed in our sometimes routine profession.

Fun fact that people probably don't know about you?  I do have a sense of humor.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, to grab a coffee with, who would it be and why?  Alexander Hamilton.  I would try to talk him out of having a duel with Aaron Burr.

What is the strangest thing you've ever done?  Climbing to summit of Monte Rosa in Pennine Alps, Switzerland and surviving to talk about it.

What excites you the most right now?  Waking up in the morning and knowing I'm still alive.

What is one piece of professional or life advice you would tell your younger self?  Work hard, listen to other people, keep learning something every day, meet with and get to know people in other professions and trades to appreciate that individuals from different backgrounds contribute to well-being of our society and country.

Reach out to say hello to Erv and grab a coffee!

*Image is a rendering of firm offices from their website.


  • 16 May 2023 2:47 PM | Donald Ennis
    Yep,I can see him in the ring as he's tough as nails. But also a consummate lawyer and gentleman.Benn a pleasure knowing Erv for many years.
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