Member Spotlight: Trisha L. Barfield

22 Oct 2023 10:18 PM | Lynette Pitt (Administrator)

MEET: Trisha L. Barfield

Trisha Barfield is a litigation attorney specializing in commercial defense at Carruthers & Roth, P.A. in Greensboro, NC. Trisha received her J.D. in 2017 from Elon University School of Law and joined NCADA in 2020.

Join us in getting to know Trisha a little bit!

What drew you to the practice of law and to a litigation and trial practice? Before law school, while working as the Executive Assistant to the Health Director of Cumberland County, North Carolina, my boss at the time looked at me one day and said, “You should go to law school,” and my immediate response was “You’re crazy!” I had never considered it before then, though I knew I had always wanted to pursue a post-graduate degree of some sort and was considering an MBA or MPH program at the time. After two years passed, I realized I could not stop thinking about the idea of going to law school, so I decided to give it a try and never looked back. I entered law school knowing I wanted to be in court.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, to grab a coffee with, who would it be and why? Bob Barker. I grew up watching the "Price is Right" every day after school and always dreamed about getting on the show. After seeing the feature about him, his life and accomplishments, after he passed away recently, I think it would be fascinating to talk to him for a few to learn and gain words of wisdom about how he approached all things in his life, personally and professionally, with such ease, charisma, confidence while maintaining a pleasant demeanor when interacting with others.

What are you reading or listening to? I am not currently reading or listening to a book, but if I were it would be a suspenseful thriller. At times, I listen to crime podcasts and, I try to listen to "The Mindset Mentor" podcast daily while getting ready for the workday.

What excites you the most right now? I got engaged recently, and my part time “job” planning our 2024 wedding is one of the most exciting things to me right now.

Describe your perfect day outside of work. At the beach with my fiancée and our Siberian Husky, Mellie.

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