Why I'm a Member of the NCADA

31 Jan 2019 10:06 AM | Jennifer Edwards (Administrator)

By Allen C. Smith​, Partner
Hedrick Gardner Kincheloe & Garofalo, LLP

If you practice civil litigation on the defense side in NorthCarolina, there is no better organization for you to join than the North Carolina Association of Defense Attorneys. Not a single one!

I have been a member for 25 years, and I have found my membership to be invaluable. The membership has allowed me to forge friendships with attorneys across the state (and of different levels of experience!), meet members of the bench from across the state, and participate in unsurpassed continuing education programs. Speaking of programs, the Annual Meeting is a great place to meet fellow defense attorneys, renew relationships, and share common experiences in a relaxed atmosphere (cheers!) in addition to experiencing excellent education opportunities. Every year, the Annual Meeting reinvigorates my commitment to practice law as I enter the summer.

Most of my practice is in the western half of the state, with a large portion in Mecklenburg and the surrounding counties. However, from time to time, I have cases in the Triad, Raleigh, “Down East,” Asheville, and other counties in the mountains. When I have a question about a judge, an opposing attorney, a mediator, or a local rule, I call one of the attorneys in the area with whom I have formed a friendship. Likewise, I am always happy to answer questions when a fellow NCADA member calls me with questions about Mecklenburg or surrounding counties. (Quite often, I even share accurate information!)

I have built these relationships over the years, and many are long-standing. Developing these relationships creates trust with other defense attorneys, something essential when working with multiple defense attorneys in a case.

In sum, my involvement in the NCADA is critical to my ability to serve as a defense attorney in North Carolina.

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