A Message from NCADA President, Allen Smith

30 Jul 2020 11:53 AM | Deleted user

As the Covid-19 pandemic has dragged on and on and we have learned of more and more postponements and cancellations, my energy level has been depleted at times. Of course, this is normal in the practice of law and most professions; we all go through our peaks and valleys during the course of a work year. 
However, this year has been different--finding diversions has been more difficult. One thing I look forward to each year is taking a trip with my two sons, ages 24 and 27. In the summer of 2018, we had a weekend visit to Boston that featured visits to the Harpoon and Sam Adams breweries during the day, an Eagles concert in TD Garden on Friday night, and a Foo Fighters concert in Fenway park on Saturday night. My younger son even made it to the front row about midway through the concert. In April of 2019, the Smith boys joined 80,000 other fans in MetLife Stadium to attend Wrestlemania 35. (Yes, there really were 80,000 fans there!) This summer, we had planned a trip to Chicago, and that fell through.  We had to find an alternative trip, so Nashville and Knoxville serve as substitutes for Chicago.
What does this have to do with practicing law?  We all need to find ways to recharge our batteries. This year, we’re having to be more creative.  Our levels of interaction with others are much lower because of restrictions on live appearances in court, at depositions, and at mediations.  Attorneys need to recharge their batteries for the short term and long term. In the short term, call your clients, fellow defense counsel, or opposing counsel more often instead of sending just emails. Restaurants are open, so you can take a colleague to lunch. Walk up and down the stairs of your office or around your block if you’re working from home. You can even do a business call while doing some exercise. Little things like this can help attorneys get through the day. For the week, make sure you set aside some time for your family, your friends, and yourself.  
Having some type of exercise routine is probably more important than ever. This helps in the short term and long term. Ideally, you can find somebody to join you for the exercise.
Our profession and country will get through this pandemic. At some point, trials will resume and Wrestlemania will be back with 80,000 fans. Take care of yourself.


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